Monday update

Ack! 199 days to go!!! 😀
11w4d. My in-laws just left from a visit here. It sure is nice not to be the ones traveling this time. But Bren and I are going to take the train up there mid-February. While here, FIL went to Sam’s and bought us giant bags of apples, oranges and bananas, a large container of the best strawberries, plus an entire watermelon and a huge block of cheese. Cool. We always eat at these great buffets while they are here so I was scared to weigh myself. But I did and I think I lost another pound or so. ??? Can’t figure that one out at all.
Nothing much going on with me. The past few days I have had only minimal m/s so I will probably be sickish for a couple days. It tends to run that way. I turn 12 weeks on Thursday! The first of many days considered to be the beginning of the 2nd trimester. YAY!
Bren is great. He loves his grandparents and especially his uncle Anthony. We watched a movie last night and when it was over he said, “That was a great story!” and he turned away from the tv and towards us on the couch and bowed! Hahahaha.
The big gender ultrasound is in about 6 1/2 weeks!! Can’t wait but am also sort of dreading it. 😉 It’s one of those moments where your life will be altered and there is nothing you can do but watch it happen. Then Bren’s 3rd birthday is just a couple days after it.