Scared! Birds!

Last night was horrible. I got woken up every hour from midnight til 7 am!! First I had to pee. Then Bren came in our room. I had him go get his pillow and blanket and sleep on the carpet beside me. An hour later, I feel a tap on my shoulder. I open my eyes and Brendan is standing by the bed with his nose about 3 mm from my own. I manage not to squeal and have to admit he is cute when he says, “Hi Mama! It’s me, Brendan!” I sit up and he quickly claims my spot in the bed. Scamp. I figure out he’s wet so I change him. He looks like he’s comfy so I cover him with his blanket, tell him to go night-night with Daddy and head for the guest room. Just as I am dozing off, I hear him playing with the bedroom door. I scuffle down the hall only to discover he has locked me out of my own room. I ask him through the door several times to “move the button on the door.” He tries several times but can’t manage. I find the little key we have taped to the wall in the medicine chest and open it myself. It’s about 5:00 in the morning and I have had enough. I yell at him that if he won’t sleep beside me and he won’t sleep with Daddy that he has to go back to his own bed. I take him straight there and put him to bed, telling him firmly to go to sleep. A few minutes later he starts crying and saying he’s scared. I go in there and he tells me, “Scared! Birds!” and looks at the window. I know exactly where this comes form- a mixture of a snippet from where a boy talks about being afraid of the dark and DH’s X-box game, Half-Life 2, where there is an intro scene of a massive number of black birds. Ugh! I am not at my finest and tell him he is not scared. I show him out the window that there aren’t any birds, all the birds have gone night-night. I cover him up again, tell him good night and leave. He cries a little again. I ignore him. As I get into bed, I notice the baby monitor is sputtering. It sounds like rapid hand-clapping. After 15 minutes of listening to it I turn it off. About an hour later I wake up to the sounds of DH in the shower. I wonder what woke me up. Then I hear Brendan, seemingly far off, crying for Daddy. I remember the monitor is off and get up and go to his room. He’s not there. I hear him in the front room and he is looking out the front window, crying and saying “Daddy!” over and over. I have him crawl into DH’s spot in the bed with me and FINALLY he falls asleep.
11w6d. It’s “Weigh In Wednesday” on one of my boards and I was very surprised to see what the scale offered up to me this morning. I lost another 1.5 pounds! In a week!
I have really been concentrating on eating healthier foods. Still have my food aversions of nuts, chicken, beans & sausage. I am eating well but my appetite is low. Still, I eat 3 meals a day and often a snack or two. And I ate at two chinese buffets and a mexican restaurant this week since company was in town. I managed to cut out my juice intake for fresh fruit but that hardly takes away many calories. I am very glad that cheese and cottage cheese have protein and that I still enjoy beef and eggs! I am definitely having trouble getting in the protein. Hmm, maybe I am losing the beginning-of-pregnancy bloating. Anyway, I’ve lost a total of 3.5 pounds this pregnancy and that is loads better than the 7 pounds last time.