Was that the baby?

12w0d. Last night I think I felt the baby move! In fact, I am pretty positive it was the baby even though it is very early for it. Incredibly early since I know it was at least another month with Brendan that I felt a curious flutter and wondered. But last night I was in the car and had the seatbelt on a smidge too tight. I was just thinking that I ought to adjust it when low down on my left side I felt a sudden flurry of movement, right up underneath the seatbelt. It only happened once and was only for a second but it was definitely not gas!! The baby must have gotten itself in a position it didn’t like and used its arms AND legs to make me feel that! It was a flurry of movement not just a whispery flutter! Really quite magical! There’s a baby in there!
This pregnancy is 30% complete now!

7 thoughts on “Was that the baby?

  1. There are alot of special moments during pregnancy – the positive test, the first ultrasound, etc., but feeling those first movements is priceless. I felt my first daughter’s movements at 19 weeks, but I felt my second daughter’s first flutters at the end of 11 weeks. I was reclining on the couch watching the Superbowl(not by choice :)) and she made her debut. I couldn’t believe I felt her that early. Enjoy these butterfly kisses – soon s/he will be doing gymnastics.

  2. No, haven’t mentioned it yet because I didn’t want any family reading it and finding out. Only my Mom and hubby know until 12 wks and then we are telling the rest of the family! Hard to keep it a secret until then, esp. with all this m/s! LOL.

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