Bren draws a picture

Darrell sat down with Brendan at the kitchen table this morning with some paint daubers and a big piece of cardboard. Together they worked on a little mural. DH and Bren both put a lot of colorful dots on the board. Then Bren drew a round shape and called it a ghost! With the exception of circles this is the first time he has drawn something and called it a name! Here is his little ghost:

3 thoughts on “Bren draws a picture

  1. I just wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS on your pregnancy! I have read your posts from back when you were ttc’ing Bren – I was ttc’ing my first then and I was intrigued (read: obsessed!) with it day and night! 😀 It’s been a while since I read your blog, and I’m thrilled for you and your family!!

  2. Doing the ghost-ie was fun. I couldn’t believe it when he did that and said “Is ghost”. Has he been playing pac-man on his little kid video game console? Dang, I can’t remember the name of the little kid video game console at the moment…oh well!

  3. Hey! When you see this and get a chance, email me at I want to ask you about single IUIs and such. I had my six month postpartum check up and we discussed some things.

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