Nausea returns

15w5d. I have been so sick this past week. I was doing really well and then BAM! Nausea!!! Constipation!!! Exhaustion!!! And it has only gotten worse! As yesterday progressed, I added a sore throat to my list of complaints but it seems to be mostly gone today. I am just feeling ill and very tired so you can imagine what I do all day- either hide from my woes on the computer or lay down in my room while Brendan watches cartoons. Yee-haw.
While my aversions are still very strong it looks like I can drink diet sprite again (actually, it’s Sierra Mist). That’s good. I was tired of water! I have been trying to limit my sugar by avoiding things like popsicles and juice. It’s hard because those things help the nausea. But without all that sugar controlling medicine, sugars are just going to make this baby extra big. I am also trying to avoid highly salty things because they make my weight soar with water gain. The Mexican food can’t be helped much since it is what appeals most that contains meat but things like soups can be avoided. Once again- one of my main comfort foods when I am nauseous.
One of these days I’ll get up the energy to return to our daily walks. It was just too cold up at the in-laws. I did do some stretching though.
I won a Bravado nursing bra off of Ebay- fits (but no room for growth & it’s their largest size) but functions differently than I thought. The whole bra cup goes down leaving me baring my entire breast. Not exactly what I want but it’ll be useful to have around the house anyway. I also won a maternity bathing suit. Looks good but I have yet to try it on. My MIL plans to take us to the beach for a few days in June.
2w2d of waiting to go! Child- are you a boy or a girl?!!!