Post of pics

Here’s Brendan just today making a face for the camera.

Here I am 5 days ago at 15w2d pregnant in the shirt my MIL bought me for the wedding. I definitely look LESS pregnant than in the 13 weeks pic. *Shrugs*

Here’s a pic of the potential coming home outfit- if it’s a girl, of course. It’s a little onesie and skirt. It is bound to be 95 degrees+ in August here so I was looking for light clothing. I also wanted a white outfit since Brendan wore white. Kind of a purity thing, I guess. I love the little butterfly on the skirt- matches the nursery stuff I posted earlier.

Brendan now finds his own snacks. He pushes a chair across the kitchen and can reach into the cabinet where we store things like applesauce cups and crackers. We have to watch anything left on the tables or counters too.

One thought on “Post of pics

  1. Awwww, he’s getting so big~ gotta love the chair moving, i hear that in the mornings around here. LOL. The outfit is sweet! Hoping pink for you, not much longer now till you find out. And you look great in that pic, looks like you have lost weight actually. Anyway, take care.

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