Ultrasound reveals

Brendan is getting an absolutely healthy baby brother. I’m exhausted so I’ll post more details and pics tomorrow.

9 thoughts on “Ultrasound reveals

  1. Congrats Jen!! And Big Brother Brenden and of course Darrell!
    I have three little boys myself and your little guys will make the best buddies. 🙂

  2. Thanks Kristin. I’m am sure if Brendan was aware enough of the situation he would have voted for a brother. 🙂

  3. Awwwwwwwww… My heart is melting! I know you wanted a girl (*like I did!). I’m sure you are disappointed a tad, but just know that two boys are going to be awesome. Just means you will get to do this one more time. Right? I mean, come on… I’ll go first! 🙂

  4. Okay, that last post didn’t sound right. I hope you get what I meant. I reread it and it didn’t sound anything like I meant it.
    My heart was melting with JOY!!! I’m excited about you have BROTHERS! Yahoo!

  5. I think Aimee’s little guys make the cutest buddies though, and yours will too!
    I wanted my 3rd to be a girl and swore he was a she and I actually cried finding out she was a he! But I got over it in a day or two. My sisters all have boys too and my older brother is the only one with a girl! I guess in my family we are going to keep having boys!
    I am happy for you though and your family, you make beautiful little boys too.

  6. Congrats Jen, Darrell, & Bren! Was thining pink for you Jen but another son will be just as wonderful!

  7. Yeeeeaaahhhh for a healthy baby boy!! I know that you had your heart set on a girl….and you must be disappointed a tad. ((((HUGS))))) But now that you know, you have exactly 21 weeks to be thrilled over the addition of a son to your family! Bren will have a baby brother to play with…..and you get to reuse alot of Bren’s stuff saving you tons of $$$$! (so you can try again for that girl :o) So..the big question now is…Whatcha gonna name this lil’ fella?

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