Exactly 5 months to go

18w1d. The ultrasound tech, Laurie, was great yesterday. Humorous, quick to let us know everything was fine and most important of all, let me pee as soon as humanly possible! 😉 Even though he was sleepy and had to be dribbled like a basketball 3 times, the baby revealed everything and is still smacking itself on the head. LOL.

Brendan was amazingly sweet and cuddly too. He watched the screen intently and snuggled up next to my head for a long time. He was full of pats and hugs and was very well behaved.
Near then end, Laurie put the 2 gender revealing pics in an envelope for us and we later opened it up while having chocolate cake in a deli for celebration.

The baby measured 1 day ahead at 8 oz. Heart rate was 150. We counted all ten fingers and toes. He was head down and I whispered to him to stay that way, lol. The placenta is along the back of the uterus- yippeee! That really makes a lot of difference in what I feel! My cervix was a great 3.76 cm. The nuchal fold was of appropriate size. Everything looked the way it should be.
We went on immediately to my OB appt. I lost another pound (total of 3 now), but of course I had just peed twice. My OB mentioned I hadn’t gained any weight yet and said that was okay for now. We discussed my headaches and dizziness and she recommended caffeine along with the tylenol. I thought that was funny- to be prescribed sodas. I showed her where my inside of the left leg pain is and she said it was groin muscle pain and that some stretches would help it. She looked at my ultrasound report and pronounced it perfect. I asked about how long the baby is but she said it is too curled up to measure right now. Next appt is April 13th in the afternoon.
DH asked Brendan last night if it was okay if we got him a little boy to play with. He said, “Yeaaaahhhhh.” Hahahaha.

7 thoughts on “Exactly 5 months to go

  1. He sure did reveal all, didn’t he? So sweet! I’m so happy for you. You are going to have so much fun with two boys. I love being the Mom of two boys. Giddy with excitement for you, Darrel and Brendan!

  2. I know it. Hopefully I’ll see Pink next time and offer some encouragement! Ha! Can I call you “Grasshoppah”? I hope so! 🙂

  3. There is no doubt in my mind that BFing is going to go very well for you this time. I have full confidence that this baby boy will be a pro!

  4. Congratulations on a perfectly healthy baby boy!!! Glad everything is going well and the next 5 months will fly by! I know my time certainly did. Take care.

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