I see movement!!

OMG! I saw and felt the baby move from the OUTSIDE today! He walloped me about 6-7 times in 5 minutes. I was sitting in the car and felt the kicks and you can bet that yes I did pull up my shirt and push my pants down to see it! LOL. It was so cool to see! Now to get Darrell to see it, poor guy was driving.
It was MUCH later that I felt Brendan, especially from the outside! For example:
“21w5d. I am still not feeling much of anything in the way of baby movement- it is frustrating me!”
24w5d. “His latest achievement is jabbing me hard enough so that I can feel it on the outside of my body. The first time this happened, 2 days ago…”
WOW! Outside movement 6+ weeks earlier- having the placenta out of the way makes a HUGE difference!
Gearing up for Bren’s party tomorrow and then in the weeks to come we are building him a swing set (present from his Papa) and starting the baby’s nursery. We picked Lambs & Ivy’s “Baby Aviator” theme. We bought pale blue paint for the walls and just decided we are going to paint the bottom half of the walls the blue color of the border so we need to get more paint.
Bought the baby a cute & easy to hold rattle today. 😀

One thought on “I see movement!!

  1. That is amazing! I always loved feeling both my boys kick and move. I can’t wait to feel that once again. That is my fave part of pregnancy.
    I want you to write an entry on DH’s and Bren’s reaction to the ultrasound. I’m such a stalker because I’ve been checking D’s blog to see what he says about having another boy. :o)

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