Bren bits

Bren just asked me while we were eating breakfast (& totally unprompted), “Is it good?” And when he was done and got down from the table he told me, “Good one, good tacos!” 😀 He even drank his strawberry milk.
Bren has taken to carrying around the weirdest things. The last few days it has been a McDonald’s happy meal toy- a pencil with a whale looking spaceship topper that lights up- and the controller to one of his GeoTrax trains, “It’s a SKY (plane), Mama!”

One thought on “Bren bits

  1. I just love hearing all about Brendan! Such a sweet, smart boy! :o) Lately Jenkins will ask you if you want something (what ever he is eating at the time) by saying “Want some ____?” And if you tell him no thank you – he replies “but its so good!”
    I love the bedding that you picked out for Baby H and can’t wait to find out what name you’ve selected this time around. I’ve still got some baby items around….let me know if you need anything!

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