Nursing Apparel 2, Jen 1

The XXL GlamourMom undershirt bra- BOMB! It goes over my chest, but it is a little tight. That would’ve been fixable. But the bra- umm, bralet?- is pathetic. My hoozits spill over on both sides and my nipples jut through the holes like they are trying to escape. It’s disgusting. So much for their chart being anywhere near true. This would fit a DD maybe, not up to a G cup like they say. The material was high quality though- much better than Motherhood’s cheapo copycat.
I also bought a Bravado nursing bra a few weeks ago. The chart says the XL++ size will more than fit my borderline F/G cup size. Hah! I got a cute little polka dot bra and the first thing my DH said was they looked like ovals. Grrr! This is possibly fixable though- I am going to cut a line up the middle of the back and make it an inch or two larger with some wide elastic. It is more of a sports bra design so this should do the trick.
I also received some Motherwear nursing t-shirts today (their least expensive shirts called “essential”). I didn’t expect to love them, but surprise- I DO!!! The neckline is much nicer than your typical t-shirt, the material is high quality and the nursing design is a liftable top layer with 2 side slits in the underlayer. Belly coverage and easy access without it being obvious it is a nursing shirt! The henley style shirts I ordered are on backorder. And hey- I got a $10 off my next order of $50 coupon too! 😀
Up next for review…
Decent Exposure’s made-to-order nursing bra with velcro flaps. I already know their customer service is AWESOME. I expect my bra in about 3 weeks.