You may NOT call me Damn!

Brendan for a long time has called us “Dada-Mama” when we are both around. I guess he just can’t be bothered to remember who is who sometimes. In the past few days he has shortened that to “Da-M” and it drives me NUTS. No, my name is not Damn!!!
Two things that Bren has been saying- “I love (insert item/person here)” and “I missed you!” He has said “I love you” before but the way he says it, for example, “I LUBS tacos” makes me realize that he knows exactly what he is saying. And the “I missed you” is very sweet too. He’s just not repeating these but fully gets their meanings.
We swam in Bren’s pool today. It’s 10 foot long and the water comes to mid-chest on Brendan when it is at its fullest. It’s *just* deep enough for me to float some in, which is heaven on my poor hips. I love to hook my ankles over the top rim, prop myself up on my elbows and “lay” on my belly. It’s been awhile!! If it weren’t for the hot sun, I could lean back on the soft side and nap. It’s really nice. Perhaps I can put the big umbrella in the round table and scoot it close enough for enough shade next time. All I know is 2 hours is all it takes for all my freckles to pop out. Ugh! Except for the nipple seams, I heart my new maternity bathing suit!!! Just 2 months and a couple of days til our beach vacation!
Awhile ago Bren went into the nursery. I followed him (currently a construction hazard area) and he was at a window. “I’m lookin outta winnow, Mama!” I told him to “come on” and left. I realized a few minutes later that he hadn’t followed me and when I went back in Brendan was sitting on the floor with a pair of scissors caught in his hair!!! ARGH!!! No damage done, thankfully.
Then just a moment ago I saw something that I thought I’d never see. Bren was laying on a mattress on the living room floor (that is awaiting it’s return to the nursery when the border is finished being put up) and being very still. I thought he was asleep but when I peeked I saw that he was… SUCKING HIS THUMB!!! Huh?! He sure was cute though.
We are pretty much saying bye-bye to naps. He really only needs one if he got up too early. He sleeps 10 1/2 to 11 hours per day- all at night- now. I think that is on the low end, but okay. He catches up with a car nap here and there.
I have been hearing on my toddler boards that one question the pediatrician asks at the 3 year visit is can your child hop on one foot. Never thought about it, so I just demonstrated it to Brendan. Nope! He holds one foot up and then hops to both feet. Darling DH, do you think you could possibly teach Brendan this by, say, next Thursday morning??? 😉 He knows 9 colors- red, blue, green, yellow, orange (“oranges” or “orn-gee”), purple, black, white and pink. Brown is iffy, often confused with orange. He knows square, circle and star but I don’t think rectangle, triangle or heart. He’s stubborn and won’t let me quiz him, lol. He knows just about all his letters and sounds. Mama’s guess is that he’ll weigh 37 pounds and be 38 3/4 inches tall. Mama’s guess is also that I’ll be razzed about his weight. Again.
Upcoming important dates…
April 13- 10:30 Bren’s 3 year pedi appt
April 13- 3:40 22 week OB appt
April 13-17 Go visit the in-laws for Easter
April 20- First La Leche League meeting
May 18/May 25- 27/28 weeks: 3rd Trimester begins (take your pick)
June 3- 9:00-5:00 Labor Marathon class
June 5- 6:30-9:30 Breastfeeding class
June 6-7 Beach vacation
July 27- Full term at 37 weeks

3 thoughts on “You may NOT call me Damn!

  1. The day my daughter gives up naps is going to be a verrrrry sad day for me. i just love that 1 1/2 of time to get things done around the house without having her undo everything I had just done! I better start working on the hopping on one foot thing too – I do have until July tho…

  2. It is going to breeze by now! Not much longer until we meet Baby H. Yay!
    I called the RE’s office today to start my Glucophage back up. I was so nervous calling in. Weird to think I could be pregnant again soon. Hold me, will you? 🙂

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