Darrell took Brendan out to get some take-out tacos last weekend. As he was putting Bren in his booster seat, someone (maybe it was a car) was coming so he had to hurry into his own seat and close the door so it could get by. Bren wouldn’t HEAR OF IT! He needed his seatbelt on “so we can be safe!” Thanks Dora! 😉
Today, Bren was wrestling with me as I tried to put a new pair of training pants on him. I ended up kind of sideways on the bed and my tank top strap went over my shoulder exposing my bra strap. He laughed, gave it a flip and said, you guessed it, “Seatbelts! So we can be safe!” LOL.
We had a fun time at lunch today and I proudly killed several birds with one stone. We were eating Wheat Thins and squirt cheese so I started writing letters on them. He loved seeing what the next letter was and making it’s sound for me!!! Didn’t hurt that they were multi-grain wheat thins nor that I made him take a swig of milk before each letter was revealed. In any case, U and V are both Y to him. He can’t repeat V or it’s sound- they come out B abd “buh”. I guess he hasn’t learned the stick your teeth on your lower lip sound yet.
Looking forward to the Poteet Strawberry Festival this weekend. Haven’t been since Bren was a newborn! Got 2 free tickets for buying 2 tubs of ice cream. WooHoo!
21w1d. Only continuos complaint is being extremely tired. Methinks this is the best it is going to get! Baby noticeably moves at least 3x a day now- mostly really low but occassionally about 3 inches below the belly button. I feel bad about still not being able to eat a lot of proteins.
PS. I forgot an important date last entry- April 29th is our 6th anniversary.
PSS. Yes, I’ll hold you Aimee! It’ll all be just fine!

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  1. Thank God you will hold me. I’m not sure Mr. Big sees what the big deal is. Men.

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