One solution that worked

We went grocery shopping last night- just a short trip. We had previously decided that we were going to use the stroller religiously again since lately Brendan has been either running off or sitting down and refusing to move. So we got out the stroller and made him get in it and strapped him in. He cried, whined, pleaded to get out. 10 minutes into the trip and he was still complaining. So, I pulled him aside and told him the rule- he must hold mommy or daddy’s hand at all times or he’d go right back in the stroller. And it worked! Having the empty stroller there just waiting for him was the key. He was really good walking with one or the other of us for the remaining 10 minutes. If he let go, we’d immediately tell him to get in the stroller and point at it. He’d reply “no…hand!” and hold our hand once more. In the future, I may extend this rule to holding onto the cart.
Oh- one more thing… emptying his bedroom of every single toy or plaything has made time out much more effective as well. All of his toys are in our large living room now.

2 thoughts on “One solution that worked

  1. Yes! This is one of my suggestions. I also have a few more tricks up my sleeve that seem to work with Jacob. You better start now before #2 gets here because you will need your hands for the baby, not for Bren.

  2. Stripping his room of the “fun stuff” – very smart idea!! Hang in there….consistency and follow through…..those are the keys…as exhausting as it is! I’m learning this, too. Hugs!

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