The Nursing Mother’s Companion

I saw the brand new version of The Nursing Mother’s Companion on my library’s shelf so I checked it out. I really like it compared to other nursing books I’ve read. You know it’s up to date when it mentions Lilypadz! LOL. Since I don’t own it, I am going to put the excerpts I want to remember here for future use.

Inverted nipples
(p 16) The nipple that moves inward or flattens when compressed is said to be “tied” to the inner breast tissue by tiny adhesions. The physical changes of pregnancy help the nipples to stand out, but one or both may still need correction. In this case, special breast shells may solve the problem before breastfeeding begins. Breast shells exert a steady but gentle pressure on the areola and cause the nipple to extend outward through the opening in the shell. Gradually work up to wearing the shells most of the day, letting comfort be your guide.
(p 59-61)

Latch and Positioning
(p 30-33)

Putting Fears to Rest
(p 38) Signs of adequate milk intake:
-Your milk has come in by 3rd or 4th day post partum
-Baby is nursing at least 8x per 24 hours
-Baby is nursing 10-45 minutes and seems content after each feeding
-Baby has several periods of swallowing during each feeding
-Breasts feel softer or lighter after feeding
-Baby is having a BM every day and by 5th day has turned yellow (changes to 3+ a day after 1st week)
-Baby is wetting more diapers by 5th day
-Baby typically loses weight for the first 4-5 days… reaching a 10% loss suggests baby is being underfed

Baby’s milk needs per feeding, 8x a day:
24-48 hours-> 1/2 oz
48-72 hours-> 2/3 oz
72-96 hours-> 1 oz
96-120 hours-> 1 1/2 oz
Low Milk Supply
-Pump after each feeding to stimulate further milk production. Pump each side 5 min and then go back to each side for another couple of minutes or 5-10 min total with a double pump.
-Fenugreek (3 capsules 3x a day- 610 mg each)/Blessed Thistle Combo (3 capsules 3x a day- 390 mg each)
-Domperidone (20 mg 4x a day) has fewer side effects than Reglan.

-Eat oatmeal 3x a week
-Drink extra water
-Weigh baby every few days