First LLL meeting tonight

My LLL meeting is tonight and I am nervous. I don’t know why really… lol… I guess my nightmare is being asked to stand and introduce myself or something- you know AAish-like or something.
“Hi, my name is Jen. I am a BFing failure and will most assuredly need copious amounts of help and hand holding soon. May I suggest weekly meetings this August? All in favor say “Aye!” My story is too long for one meeting. Let’s just say everything went wrong so don’t ask me for advice- ever. BTW, can my son come to meetings anyway even if I don’t BF him?”
Bwahahahahaha. I really have no idea what to expect and just hope I can find the room and a seat near the back.

One thought on “First LLL meeting tonight

  1. Ah, you will do great. Think positive. No negative! You hear me, Missy! I had a hard time with Jacob and Joshua was a pro. You will be fine.

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