Baby bits & Bren bits

23w1d. It’s a 2 in 1 baby bit. Son #2 had his first bout of hiccups (that I felt) and the first movements that could be felt above the belly button. Wheeeee! He’s a-growin’.
Goin’ shoppin’ for the baby bedding tomorrow with Aunt Cathy. Wheeeee some more! 😀
As for Brendan, I get a kick out of hearing him say sure- “shore!” 🙂 And yesterday he started getting my attention with “Pssst! Mama!” Haha.
Speaking of kicking… I need to kick myself. How long ago was it that I won the playstation Sesame Street Sports game for him on Ebay? He played it for the first time last night and loved it. It’s perfect- no skills needed. Time to get out the V-Smile again too. It’s been almost 4 months and I hope he’ll understand it now. I want to try Candyland as well but I just can’t see him leaving the pieces on the board. :/

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