Developing right along

23w6d. TMI ahead. I’ve noticed some “crumblies” on my nipples lately and when I shiver I get a strong tingling *zap* from each of my nipples. It’s been going on for about 2-3 weeks now along with some more soreness the past couple of days. I shivered once last night and went to investigate… sure enough, there were 3 miniscule drops of clear colostrum on one of my breasts! Exciting but annoying!
Bren’s first Little Gym session was last night. It went… about as well as I should have expected but definitely not as well as I had hoped. He flat out *refused* to participate in the whole class activities such as ringing bells, singing, coming forward to jump into a circle (ha!) and doing different things with pretty scarves. We sat on the sidelines, all 3 of us, and alternated between encouraging him to participate and just letting him watch. It was frustrating. Any time an instructor tried to offer him something he would shake his head and hide his face.
The 2nd half of the class was more of a free for all on the different equipment centers around the room. He loved swinging on the bars and tried out a balance beam. At one point the instructor demonstrated a heel swing on another bar where she had the child hang by the arms and then pull her feet up to the bar and hang. We separately did that with Bren and he liked that. Then then class was given some balls to play with and Bren played with a ball and began to come out of his shell. They were put away all too soon though. He really acted more normal at the end though when the instructor blew bubbles and all the kids ran up to pop them. He ran right up and joined in. Then the class was over and he did allow us to sit in the circle though not to sing.
At one point in the class, Bren got mad and started crying so hard that we left the gym and spent a minute with him in the outer room. He jumped down and raced right back in. And at the end he cried because it was over. So, apparently he liked it even though he found it difficult to deal with. I felt so discouraged in the beginning of the class but by the end I was hopeful. If this wasn’t hard for him, it wouldn’t be of much help to him. I signed him up for the rest of the semester (til the end of May) but lost all hopes of putting him in the “on your own” class for now. And I was right- the kids do have to be fully potty trained to go to the summer camp classes. Darn.

2 thoughts on “Developing right along

  1. A pretty much right-on description of my thoughts and feelings about Little Gym. I’m hopeful that he’ll open up!!!

  2. I think that’s a great start to helping “socialize” Brendan a bit more. I think it’s better to start him off slowly, like you’re doing…w/you there with him as he learns to venture out and make friends and try new things. He’s only 3… take it at the pace that works best for you and Brendan….regardless of what the doc says (they don’t always know best….MOM does!!) Luke loves “My Gym” (similar concept to Little Gym) and I do, too. Hope you’ll meet some new mommy friends as Brendan makes some little friends of his own.

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