Age of viability and bodily annoyance

24w0d. Very glad to have made it this far. LBB has been a wild wee beastie lately! Last night he kept me very well entertained by his constant rolling and thumping.
As for my weight, I really have not gone overboard at all so I have no clue exactly how I am gaining so rapidly. My total weight gain isn’t astonishing or anything (10 pounds from low point, 7 from the beginning) but I’ve gained it *all* in the last 6 weeks. Doesn’t a 10 pound gain require eating more that usual? The only things I eat a bit more of are fruits and veggies. I have always had a dessert every other day or so and lately it has been a 150 calorie reduced fat cone from McDonalds more often than not. I am afraid this child is 3 pounds already or something! Ahhhhhhhhhh! My only real craving lately has been cake and I have only made cupcakes 2x since my morning sickness left. That, peoples, is being GOOD!
Anyway, I have 8 pounds left to gain in 16 weeks. That’s 1/2 a pound a week. Sounds simple but my body is doing its own thing. I read in a book that you gain about 50% of pregnancy gain in weeks 20-30 with 25% before and 25% after. Six more weeks til I am out of the crazy-gain period, I guess.
Next OB appt is in 2 weeks and I get to enjoy the glucose screening. Oh joy… that syrupy gunk makes me sicker than a dog.

One thought on “Age of viability and bodily annoyance

  1. Well I always had the biggest jump in weight in the weeks 20-24 with all three kids. I went up a lot and then gained slowly again. In the last month with all of them I didn’t gain a darn thing and my kids were 8 10, 7 15(19 days early) 7 13(9 days early) so go figure. Don’t think about it or over analyze…your fine. And yeah for the colostrum….good sign honey !

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