Little Gym 3

We got to the Little Gym 15 minutes early this time so Bren was able to wake up some from his car nap and get used to being there. It only took 5 minutes this time to get him into the main room with the other kids though he ran back to the waiting room several times during the session- just to get our goats it seems. He once again refused to participate in the whole group stuff but when the class broke for individual play on the equipment he was great. His one improvement is that when an instructor demonstrated a skill at one of the centers, Brendan ran over to her to try it out! After hesitating on the first one and almost missing his opportunity, he was a maniac for trying out the other 2 skills. He kept going back for more and then dive-bombing DH for an “I did it!” hug. It was great! I’d consider that a big improvement.

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