OB appt

Blood pressure 146/90 🙁
Blood pressure #2 130-something/86 🙁
Headaches?- yes 🙁
Protein in urine- good this time but +1 last time
Earned myself extra bloodwork, a 24 hour urine test & another appt on MONDAY. Good grief.
I am amused with my weight gain though. Last time the nurse wrote down my weight as being 10 pounds lighter so instead of looking like I lost 5 pounds, I really gained 5. Well this time she did it again. The dr mentioned that I was not gaining and I told her no, I had gained 8 or 10 pounds since my first appt. I guess the nurse must’ve written it down wrong. So, just to be sure, I go weigh again AND I’M WRONG! I have the same weight as when I started?!!! I know FOR SURE my scale at home runs between 6 and 10 pounds total gained depending on how much salt I’ve eaten. I weigh myself about 2x a week!! Maybe my scale is messed up?! Who knows! I was floored and am going to really laugh if on Monday I’ve gained 10 pounds. 😛
Did the nasty Glucose screening- gave me the jitters and then a stomachache but I kept it down. I failed it last time- I imagine it’s likely I’ll fail it again. My breakfast was 2 eggs though, so I didn’t contribute any additional carbs. Had to get the blood out of my hands again after my inner elbow vein played hide and seek. Not a big deal any more. 3 vials taken in all- I know I also had a CBC done, mostly to check for anemia and then another test or two for something to do with the high blood pressure. Don’t know what exactly because the nurse called them in to the lab.
Baby kicked the doppler and had a good heartbeat. I measured 29 weeks. GULP. Looks like I’ll be staying home on Sunday to fill my jug. Don’t think it’s big enough, lol.

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  1. Jen!!!!! You better slow down, girl. Did you have high blood pressure with Brendan? If you need to chat about PIH and the symptoms, email me. I am the woman to chat with. High BP both pregnancies and expect it with the third.

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