One big wishlist

After a good sized crowd last month, I was the only one who showed up for the LLL meeting this time!! I am usually uneasy in situations like this but it was good. I kept my hormones in check (amazing!) and we had a good 1 1/2 hour talk. Basically, I got out all I fear might happen and got some good advice for every step of the way.
And I got to see her nurse her toddler girl who was absolutely adorable and a great tension breaker.
I am pretty prepared to have another baby and breastfeed again and I am curious how it’ll all play out this time. If I get my VBAC and can get out of the hospital in a day or so I’ll be much better off than in the intrusive and interfering hospital. If I have to endure 4 days post c-section again with nurses without a clue I may go mad!!! I am telling you this though- I will walk out of the hospital with my bare butt hanging out of a gown before this baby gets a bottle. That’s where I draw the line. Make me supplement with a liitle formula- fine- but I do it MY way.
Jen’s Wishlist
OB doesn’t give me a hard time about VBAC choice
Blood pressure stays in check, no other serious issues
Evidence of further dilation/effacement/engagement at every visit starting at 36 weeks
Labor starts naturally sometime before due date when I am well rested
Labor 80%+ at home in calm atmosphere
VBAC w/o drugs that’ll make us drowsy or me itchy
My own OB attending the birth
Opportunity to immediately BF for as long as we need
No tight frenulum issue
Baby born healthy
Baby who wakes for feedings
Baby who isn’t frustrated immediately upon trying to feed
Nurses who’ll leave me alone to do what I need to do
Lactation Consultant confirms breastfeeding success within 24 hours
Someone other than DH to care for Brendan when we need them to
No one pushes formula in any way
No sudden supply issues or prolonged pumping rituals

5 thoughts on “One big wishlist

  1. I think it would be a pretty tall order to get ALL those, but if we can at least get most or some, that should be good. 🙂

  2. Jen, I haven’t posted before, but I’ve been following your story since Brendan was around a year old. I wish you all the best in your bf journey with this new little one. I’m so touched by how much effort you are already putting into it. Know that no matter the result, you’re doing your best (and much more than others attempt) and no one can debate that. I had a rough start bfing my son as well. Formula was pushed way too early in my opinion, but I didn’t know better. We used a syringe though and I finally got my little one to latch at 5 days PP! I’ll keep your family in my prayers and hope to read of a wonderful birth and bf experience in about 12 weeks : )

  3. I hope that this delivery goes more according to your plans. I agree with Robyn in that you’ve put so much into bf. I hope that with this baby nursing goes smoothly for you. Take care.

  4. You will succeed. You are determined (just like I was) to make it happen. Good for you! You’ve got tons of support. I’m here for you.
    Good Luck in fulfilling that TALL list.

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