Fun times (ha!)

Wanna know how to restart a dead fire when you plan on grilling? Throw a handful of matches over the hot coals in utter frustration and watch the tiny tips explode into flames… and relight your coals! LOL.
In other news…
The 3 hour GTT is under my belt, thank God! I am so glad that is over and done with!!!
7 pokes- 4 in the exact came spot since it was “lucky”. I can take the bloodletting- it’s the glucose drink that makes me sicker than a dog. Rarf!
Puh-lease let me pass this. Finger pokes 4x a day plus going to a strict food menu does not appeal.
Blood pressure was 124/82. The way I see it, xxx/70s = great!, xxx/80s = good enough, xxx/90s = we have a problem.
Got to see some bee-utiful newborns in the nusery. Oh, my arms ache to hold my little boy! 😀 I cannot flippin’ wait!!!!!!!!!!!!
And to leave you with a smile- Brendan’s version of “scoot over” is scoober!