Bren-bits from our trip north

June 12th-
Bren did his first pee in a public toilet today- he was in the bathroom with me and asked to go. I was impressed! Other than that he has been a complete nutter today. For example, we went into a bakery and there was a basket of looong breads by the counter. I kept shooing Bren away and slapping his hands away cuz he wanted to touch them. Finally he just leaned over with his mouth! Argh!!! He barely managed a crumb in his mouth before my hand connected with his forehead, lol. No wet spot or toothmark so we ran for it. Hahahahaha.
June 15th-
After we climbed into bed for the night we sang a few songs. Afterwards, and out of nowhere, Bren told me he had a baby in his tummy. I laughed and replied, “You too?” He nodded and said the baby was coming out in his diaper. Apparently he thinks you poop babies out. Hahahaha! I guess he’s seen A Baby Story enough times to understand you have to push out babies from that general area.