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31w6d. Just a day more than 4 weeks until my OB won’t try to stop labor if I start contracting. WOW. My belly sticks out now. 🙂 When I lay down on my back it sticks up as far as it did way back when, when I’d take a deep breathe & push it out as far as I could just to see what I’d look like. Lol. I have had 2 or 3 strangers ask when I am due now (first one at 30w1d) so I am happy that I am looking pregnant these days. I can’t believe it took so long!
I have also had some contractions- twice now I’ve had 3 in less than an hour! Last night I had 2 pretty close together while watching DH and some friends playing N64 Mario Kart. What a blast from the past, lol. The contractions felt like very tight upper uterus squeezing that lasted maybe 30 seconds. They were surprisingly powerful. Sometimes I feel a little zing in my cervix too. Occassionally just the baby moving with give me the same zing. Makes me hopeful that his head is in the right spot and giving it a lil push once in awhile. I don’t want to start dilating this early but a nice softened cervix ready to dilate would be wonderful.
Yesterday I drank a lot. I had at least 20 oz of water with dinner alone. But every time I went to the bathroom I just peed some of it and it was always on the dark side. I guess I retained a lot of water. Time to buy some watermelon to try and get rid of some of it!
I am getting into the time where sitting or laying for long hurt my hips or bottom. I roll over a lot now and have to take strolls around the house if I sit at the computer too long. Not fun but I know I have it easy compared to what’s coming in the end.
I really have very few maternity bottoms that fit well enough to be comfy for more than a few hours. God bless totally knit maternity shorts from JCPenney’s. Comfy AND don’t have a belly panel so I don’t have to try to find incredibly long shirts. It is so hot here that I wear almost nothing else.
I also seem to have about 1/2 an hour every day where I have a hard time getting enough air. Mid-afternoon seems to be when sonny does his aerobic stretching and squishes my lung capacity.

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