Name Game

Our son is to be named Andrew John H. 😀 Nickname- Andy.
Andrew is my pick. Darrell really wanted John as the first name because it was his grandfather’s name. He settled for the middle name though. I really didn’t want his nickname to be Johnny. We were stuck on either Robert or Andrew for a long time and we just came to think of him as Andrew over the months. DH was worried that his cousin’s son Drew was an Andrew John. He finally emailed Chad and guess what?!!!! His full name is Robert Andrew. Too funny!!!
I’ve made it to 8 months now!!! HaPpY dAnCe!!! Just less than 4 weeks and my OB would not stop labor if it started!
I’m getting geared up to hand-paint a few airplanes in the nursery. Andy is also getting Bren’s old nursery shelf over his changing table and now that we know this little love’s name we can spell out his name with wooden letters too. Both also need painting. Lots to do!!!

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