Drawing lesson

Brendan has taken to running around with a piece of paper and a pen or a handful of jumbo crayons lately. He still won’t touch a coloring book though he owns at least 5 of them. I tried once again to sit down and color in a coloring book with him yesterday and he’d have nothing to do with it. His drawing skills hadn’t progressed beyond scribbles and circles until today.
Bren was in a particularly receptive mood this afternoon so I showed him how to draw a simple “pod person” (okay… we drew Daddy, lol). An oval for the whole body with 2 dots and a smile for the face, some squiggles for hair and 4 straight lines outward for legs and arms. Simple as it gets. So then it was Bren’s turn and I asked him to draw Brendan. He made a circle, put 2 lines underneath (one got away a bit) and put 2 dots for eyes (one also got away which he later claimed was the nose). I helped him add 2 arm-sticks and then I reminded him about hair. He started to add more but then stopped and said “Teach me hair?” Teach me?!!! So I put my left hand over his left hand and we made some hair. He was happy. Then I helped him write out BRENDAN and MOM, again with my hand over his. Then he asked me to write Daddy. So I helped him write DAD and sounded it out slowly “Duuuuh-aaaaaa-duuuuuuh”. And he added, “and E says Daddy”. LOL.