Countdown continues

Happy 50 days to go! Only 50 days til my due date! WOW! Just a few days more and we’ll be having a son next month!!
This morning I was laying in bed and rolled onto my back for a bit and I’m guessing the baby’s side or hip was sticking out of my belly up high, just under the ribs. It jutted out pretty high, maybe 1 1/2 inches. It was rhythmically moving but not jumpy like hiccups. I thought maybe it was the heartbeat I could feel but it was too slow. I bet you I was feeling his breathing! Could I possibly have been feeling that?
Things I need to do before Andy arrives:
Wash all his clothes and bedding
Clear out his closet of extra junk and move all his stuff there
Find the pack n play and stroller frame
Find him a baby calendar (much easier to jot things down on than in a book)
Finish handpainting the 3 airplanes on his walls
Buy clear coating for his shelf and wooden name letters and apply it
Hang the shelf
Make a baby announcement template and find envelopes
Review Maya Wrap video
Sew together the “Boppy” I am making
Cut the sleeves off my button down nightgown and hem
Pack diaper bag
Pick a few massaging aids like a tennis ball and lotion for labor
Find Red Paspberry Leaf tea capsules
Find time to listen to my labor CDs
Print out hospital bag lists and prepack what I can (in a few weeks)

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