We took Bren to see Cars yesterday and he really liked it. He loves going to the movie theater! My lil guy costs us $5.50 at the movies now! Gulp! And can you believe a small popcorn (which was really quite large- enough for all of us) costs $4.50! It’s popcorn, people! LOL. We’re working on collecting the McDonald’s Cars toys and have 3 so far but none of them are the major characters. Lol.
Little Gym went okay but I wish he’d start listening to the teachers more. He’s a little troublemaker and gets several other little boys to join him in his misbehaving adventures. He’s such a rascal. When he does join the group he has no clue what is going on because he doesn’t listen to instructions. Good thing he has 2 years til Kindergarten! He was pretty tired this time though- he had about an hour less sleep than usual and didn’t nap in the car at all.
There was a newborn baby in a carrier at Little Gym. She was put in the corner behind us parents so she was out of the way and could nap. At one point choking sounds started coming from her and none of the other parents seemed to notice. I hadn’t paid attention to who the mom was so I got up and was halfway to her when I realized the “choking sounds” were the start of her crying. I have totally forgotten what a newborn’s crying sounds like!! Hahahahaha. She gave me such a fright!
Saturday was a really good pottying day. We hit his schedule right on and he only wet his training pants once! He made 4 successful potty visits! Yay! Still waiting for him to tell me he has to go in the middle of doing something else. He’ll never be fully trained til he does that. Sometimes if you ask him if he needs to go he’ll say no, think about it a few minutes and then say he has to go. He is working on understanding the feeling you get when you have to go. That’s good. He will sometimes bring it up on his own when DH or I are in or very close to a bathroom. Being there has him think about it. Still no pooping in the potty.
The Dutch Baby turned out pretty good. I cooked up a homemade apple pie filling with butter pecan syrup (was out of brown sugar) and poured the batter into the hot pan of it. The Dutch Baby part seemed like a chewy bread pudding- or how I imagine bread pudding tastes, I’ve never tried any! Haha. I served it with lots of whipped cream.