Not a smart move

Apparently, if your son is going to swallow a squirt of something poisionous, Resolve carpet cleaner isn’t a bad choice. **Rolls eyes** We were both standing in the kitchen and quick as a flash I saw him reach up, grab the Resolve and squirt it in his mouth!!! I stood there dumbly trying to interpret what I just saw before I made him chug some water out of the kitchen sink sprayer. Then I called poison control and all he said to do was to give him juice to drink because the main ingredient is rubbing alcohol and when it is digested it can lower your blood sugar.
Now I really, really wish he’d quit pooping in his diaper and then taking it off and dumping the contents on the floor. Hence the reason the Resolve was out. Fun days, I tell ya.
I asked Bren if he wanted pizza with circles tonight (pepperoni) and he told me “no, pizza with triangles.” LOL.
Also, Bren has been acting out scenes from favorite movies. He likes to come up to Darrell when he is sitting on the floor and push him over and then hop onto his belly. It’s very similar to Tigger “bouncing” Pooh over. They have a whole back and forth spiel they say to each other straight from the movie… it’s so cute!
35 weeks today! I started oral EPO a week ago (1300 mg) and started Red Raspberry Leaves capsules (2 a day) yesterday. My next OB appt is on Tuesday and I plan to start the vaginal EPO that night. I have had a lot of cervical twinges this past week- every day. Some belly tightenings as well but only 1 time did I have menstrual type cramping and no more of those freaky up & down rolling pin contractions. Darn. I am going to guess that I am a fingertip dilated and very soft on Tuesday. That may be me hoping though!
Baby shower thrown by Darrell’s work is set for July 25th! 😀

2 thoughts on “Not a smart move

  1. Sounds like you have your hands full! The only thing my daughter “drank” was hydrogen peroxide – it was on the bottom shelf at the store and I was looking at the top shelves while she helped herself to the bottom ones. Luckily she only had a sip of it before realizing that it did not taste that great.
    As for Bren & his diapers – have you tried about letting him go without anything on? I just let Lauren run around the house with no diaper while she was potty training. After going to the bathroom one time without a diaper or panties on she made it a point to go to the “big potty” – I guess she didn’t like the feeling of #2 on her legs.
    Good Luck!

  2. 35 weeks? Where did the time go. I had Joshua at 36.5 weeks along. You are gettin’ there!
    Today is first day of clomid for me. I took my first two pills at 5pm. No side effects yet. 1 down, 4 to go!

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