It’s the 17th again

1 month to go!!! 😀
35w4d. Just days shy of entering the official 9th month. We went to HEB yesterday and a woman in the parking lot took one look at me and asked, “July or August?” Hahaha. I really stick out now.
—><--- This close to finishing the handpainting in the nursery. I had to take a week off because my in-laws came for a visit and they needed that room. My FIL called last night in a semi-panic (unusual for him). He finally realized just how much we are depending on them to get down here and watch Brendan before/ when I go to the hospital. It'll be a real race! I am hoping to have an exam one of these weeks where she pronounces me 3 cm and 75% effaced or more. I know that doesn't necessarily mean I'll go into labor any time soon after that but perhaps I will be able to convince my MIL to come down and stay then. At this point, however, they are more panicked than I am. The way I see it, DH is always here. He may somehow miss the birth (if it's an emergency c-section) or Bren might get to see the birth (if I progress quickly) but I know Bren will be watched. I am not worried about laboring alone as long as I am left alone and things are progressing as they should be. I'd be utterly bummed if Darrell missed the birth, but I am not worried that Brendan won't be cared for by someone. KWIM?
I’m having a lot of cervical twinges but no real contractions lately. It’s bumming me out. Baby is moving less and I totally understand why, lol. Brendan did the same at this stage. I had been thinking that this baby was smaller than Bren was at this time but I think he has caught up now. I really “feel it” when I do simple things like grocery shop. Wears me completely out!! On the other hand- I don’t yet have the hip pain every single night and my back is behaving nicely. I can breathe fine. I really am not miserable yet. Yay!
My fingers swelled up pretty badly yesterday so I removed my ring. By bedtime my hands were perfectly fine again- better than they had been in weeks. Now they are tight again. They don’t look bad, just feel very stiff. To be expected. My ring lasted longer than last time.
OB appt with first internal exam and GBS test is on Tuesday. I am still hoping for no panicking big baby predictions which tend to lead to (in my case) utterly wrong ultrasounds. It’d be cool to see an actual contraction on a NST though I want to avoid every test I can. I am walking softly on my toes to avoid anything and everything that could possibly change my OB’s opinion about this VBAC. Shall we start with whether or not he’s head down?? I swear he was transverse the other day for a few hours but I think he is back to head down now. Head down, measure no more than 2 weeks more than last time & either slightly effaced or slightly dilated would be grand, grand news.