Bren’s first smiley face

Bren got a new computer game last night. It’s a 4 CD Jumpstart Preschool set. It includes JS Toddler, JS Preschool Advanced, JS Language Club and JS Art. I installed the Toddler CD last night and Bren has been exploring it. On it there is a simple coloring and drawing game. Bren drew this just a few minutes ago and I quickly hit print:

I realize some squinting may be involved but let me tell you what he said as he drew each part.
1. He drew the curve along the bottom and then the top left circle. He looked at it critically for a second and then called me over. “Hey Mama- check it out! It’s happy!”
2. Next he drew the sorta flattened circle to the right of the first circle. “An eye…”
3. Finally he drew the long heart shape that runs over the last circle. “And a nose!”
Tada! A smiley face! Before I got to print it, he had added the line between the 2 eyes. 😀
Then he proceeded to draw a new pic with a wavy up and down line. “It’s swim!” 😀
Then he went on and taught himself the “fill-in” tool and has been coloring pre-designed pages with it since.