PTing update

I forgot to mention that 2 days ago Bren actually asked to go potty in the middle of another activity and nowhere near the potty. We were at Little Gym. So off we trotted and he actually did go!
We still are only catching roughly 30% of his output (on a good day) but I can feel the impact in how long a package of training pants lasts. He wears size 6s now (5s fit but give him horrible wedgies) in the Pampers Easy Ups. You only get 33 for $14.50!! I had to laugh when I bought the 204 count box of Pampers size 1-2s for the baby. $25 and I got free wipes and an Olay pamper mommy kit as well. My only complaint with Easy Ups is that they’ve reduced the material between the legs a smidge too much. Pull-Ups have nasty plasticy sides and White Clouds (though preferable to PUs) also have plasticy sides but my main complaint with them is the quality of manufacturing. HALF of the bag I bought either had funky tufts of material coming from one side that I had to trim off or the design was only half printed on them. ??? I had more srew ups in that one package than I’ve had total in 2 years in Easy Ups.

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