36w4d OB appt

Well, my Aunt backed out on our dinner plans, Bren was a stinkopotamus at Little Gym and completely wasted 3/4 of his class time there & I still am not dilated at all. Nor effaced. And I’ve been bleeding some since the exam. She says I am soft and ready to get a move on though. Been one bummer of a day.
I really thought “oh-no” when she measured me because she got the “boy, you’re big” look on her face. But she wrote down 40 cm and that is the same as last week. Baby is most probably head down (she didn’t argue when I mentioned how I thought he was positioned anyway) and she did the bouncy-bouncy test and he is still floating. I didn’t know you could do that test before you were effaced and dilated some.
Heartbeat still in the 150s. Gained 3 pounds (in 6 days, LOL). She didn’t bring up anything to do with an ultrasound. No protein or sugar in my urine and I’m Group Beta Strep negative. Yay!
4 1/2 weeks left to get myself into labor. I am tired and grumpy and starting to really feel it now.

3 thoughts on “36w4d OB appt

  1. You are right at the point I was when Joshua was born. He was born at 36 weeks 5 days. Not much longer.

  2. I never showed any progress (no dilation whatsoever) right up to the day of my scheduled c-section with #2 (with #1, I was at 2cm for weeks ahead of my due date and went into labor at 40w3d). With #2, I didn’t want to attempt a VBAC, and good thing, since #2 was 10lbs 5oz, and I couldn’t push out my 8.5 lb #1, thus the first c-section. Anyway, my point is, when they hooked me up to the monitors the morning of my c-section, 2 days prior to my due date, I was IN ACTIVE LABOR (contracting every 2 min)! I couldn’t even feel the contractions at that point. So you just never know what might happen. Try not to drive yourself crazy during the wait! 🙂
    By the way, good for you for going for the VBAC! My situation was different from yours, since I have pelvic disproportion and apparently grow huge babies. I would have done it if I could have!

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