37w0d. I was asked if I feel like a “watched pot” yet. No, not really. With my lack of dilation and such I am feeling like it is going to be a couple weeks at least yet. My aunt has called once and my MIL calls every few days or so but that isn’t too far from normal anyway. I do freak myself out once in awhile though. I’ll be going along thinking I have a month to get this baby out and then a bit later I’ll think “Hmmm… 3 weeks til my due date… that’s only 21 days!!!!” Haha. I still have several things I really should get done before the baby comes and I am a bit anxious to have the house “guest ready” but I don’t feel my time is up yet. Thanks to my getting handier all the time husband, we now have a working washer again. 😀
Today I have been working on packing the bags. There is a lot to think about with Bren and DH being away from the house- but not always at the same place as me- as well. I have the labor bag, the hospital bag (no need to pack together since we’ll have to change rooms after the birth), the diaper bag and DH and Bren’s hotel bag.
I have small sized toiletries for all of us and used free samples when I could. That cut down on a lot of space and weight. But then I have things like the boppy that are space hogs. I may just combine the hospital and labor bags and leave the boppy in the car til I change rooms and want to use it.
I bought Bren a few different things to keep him occupied (for in the hotel when he is with his grandparents). I bought him the Hungry Hungry Hippo game, a huge set of washable markers and a pad of paper, 2 little things that fling foam airplanes and a Superman figurine. The Superman guy is going to be his favorite- he’s gaga over him and he’s only seen a movie trailer here and there! If it catches his fancy (aka becomes the “toy of the week”, lol) he’ll carry it around with him everywhere and stay relatively occupied. He has his portable DVD player when all else fails as well.