Preggo pic

It has been awhile! Here I am today at 37w1d. Nothing exciting going on whatsoever.

You know… maybe I should start thinking he’s gonna be big- maybe bigger. Here I was with Bren at 36 weeks…

And here is a smiley face Bren drew today… much clearer though the nose is a tad high, lol. The squiggle at the top is hair.

2 thoughts on “Preggo pic

  1. You can definately tell this is baby #2. You look great! 37 weeks and cruisin’.
    I love Bren’s smiley face. So sweet.

  2. Hey second time round you show more and more…don’t worry probably a bit bigger but that is usual too…look at alicia 21/2 weeks early and 8 lbs…Cam was full term and 8 10…go figure
    And Kendra week early and 7 13…:( and I was…no way to predict..just enjoy the last few weeks…

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