Right place, right time

A few days ago I bought Bren some more Pampers training pants. I paid $9.50 for 21. He now wears a size 6 Easy Ups or a size 4T/5T Feel N Learns. Even though the next size down fits still, they give him horrible wedgies, so we moved up. These are the largest sizes they make and they are hard to find.
Today we went to Target and they had the Feel N Learns on clearance. A box of 54 cost $17. I thought about it and calculated that that was 12 freebies AND $2 cheaper so I bought 6 boxes.
Turns out they were a promotional special and I got a $5 gift card for every 2 boxes. Plus I had $7 in coupons.
So instead of $9.50 for every 21 pants, I paid $5.19. Gotta love a bargain!
Speaking of potty training… it’s 8:45 pm and he hasn’t yet wet his pants! He still uses roughly 5 pairs of pants a day though. He has only asked to go on his own less than 10 times total. He has never pooped in the toilet and he often wakes up wet still. I am sure we’ll use all these new ones up.

One thought on “Right place, right time

  1. We just did Potty training boot camp at our house. Man, it was rough. I am proud to brag that Jacob is in underwear full time. He wears pullups to bed, but 90% of the time he will get up to go potty at night. He even poops in the potty now, which his heavenly. Bren will get there! I can’t wait to celebrate it with you.

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