I woke up today feeling absolutely cruddy. As usual, my hips were killing me and I had to get out of bed early. To top that off, my lower back was also killing me, I was nauseous and had to make several potty pit stops of the yucko variety. AFterwards, I tried to find a comfy position on the couch with my umpteen pillows but couldn’t. Finally I pulled my exhausted self up long enough to down 2 tylenol and some water and prayed it would stay down. I tried to do some netting to distract me but I felt too awful. I was shivering horribly and could barely stay upright in my chair but the thermometer said I definitely did not have a fever. As the tylenol began to work, at least on the hip pain, I began to doze off on the couch again, having off and on episodes of cervical twinges… and here comes Brendan, awake for the day! Ugh. He was really good though and kissed me a few thousand times and then played quietly on the floor beside me for 45 minutes while I laid there, practically paralyzed.
Finally he started asking for food so I made myself get up and made us each a PB&J. It went down and I did feel a bit better. I still ended up on my bed again just drained of energy. While there, I had about 3 lower belly contractions (dunno, maybe 10 minutes apart?) and my backache ebbed and returned a few times. I decided to get up and take a hot shower- definitely helped the pain and at least for a little bit the exhaustion too. And what did I noticed halfway through?
A thin sheet of gray-green material about the size of a nickel fell out of me and went down the drain. Had to be some of my mucus plug, though a very small portion of it.
I am hopeful labor is starting up or I am at least progressing more. But damn if I expected a burst of nesting or energy to accompany the start of things. I am so freaking tired!!! I feel dreadful and I think the contractions have stopped anyway.
I have been rereading the last few weeks of my pregnancy diary with Brendan and I had noted that reclining back some would bring on the cervical twinges. That is very true still!

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  1. sounds like progress to me!! i think labor is right around the corner for you. keep us updated.

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