Yup, I was sick

Well I did end up with a fever yesterday and honestly I am glad because I just couldn’t imagine feeling *that* bad so early on if it had been labor. It was awful! I felt like sore lead. Apparently my fever broke in the middle of the night last night because at one point I woke up sopping wet! Yeee-uck! At least for now I am doing *much* better. Another 1/2 hour and the tylenol should be all the way worn off and I’ll see then.
Had some serious cervical pains last night- OMG they HURT! No tightenings or contractions with them though. It’s a challenge to relax through them when there isn’t any warning or buildup- just a surprising WHAM! LOL. They give me hope that things are opening up though.
LBB goes crazy in there now- his movements shift my belly all around now- you can see a foot go Wheeeeee!!! across my entire front! Where is he finding the room to do all his moving!?! I’m back to feeling a bit breathless when I lay down. Nothing like not being able to breathe.
Well, the full moon didn’t work its magic on me. Tick-tock, tick-tock… time is running out.
Oh yeah, and apparently I freaked DH out last night when he was putting in the EPOs… I am apparently boogery down there now. Hahahaha. Come on down mucus plug! I want to see the rest of ya!

One thought on “Yup, I was sick

  1. Well, even if you did have a 24 hr thing, the plug progress sounds promising!! Hoping for a new little one for you this weekend!

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