“This is a healthy baby”

*BEAM!* 😀
That’s what the pedi said as soon as he saw him. No jaundice worries and he didn’t look in his mouth at all so didn’t see the frenulum clipping scar. We debate whether that oversight was intentional or not, lol. 😛
We have to bring him back in a week because he is still below birthweight- he weighs 8-15 now, down from 9-9. Two days ago when we left the hospital he was only 1 ounce more, 9 pounds even, so we are rounding the bend nicely. Doctor is not worried, I am not worried. Just a formality.
The height discrepancy at birth was cleared up. He was 20 1/2 inches (not the 21 1/2 DH heard) because today he is 20 5/8 inches.
Brendan also got on the scale. We are initiating a family healthy eating plan because at almost 3 1/2 he weighs 41 1/2 pounds. 😯 I need to research some new yet kid friendly healthy meals and snacks- pronto. DH has gained a few sympathy pounds as well and I’m positive I’ve got a few to shed myself. Haha. I’ll make sure to do mine slowly though.
Brendan did not scream the entire visit this time either. I’d say just the opposite- he was fine and even said good-bye to the nurse- but he hid his face in the chair the entire time the actual doctor was in the room and after he left called him scary. Have no idea why he shies away from him.
Also, I had my first official public breastfeeding where someone was definitely going to see me… even if it was only the doctor. 😀