Post baby OB appt

I had my staples removed and my baby admired at my OB’s office today. Incision is looking nice, I’m told. All good… especially the fact that I have officially LOST 1/2 A POUND since getting pregnant. WooHoo!!! Haha. I had gained 26 pounds according to their scale. I am curious to see what my scale says in the morning. Not too shabby for only 6 days and eating like a horse since I had him!
Next appointment is in four weeks.
Andy is wonderful. He loves to breastfeed and loves lights. Brendan is wonderful. He loves to kiss Andy all over and show him pictures that he has drawn. He and Mimi even made him a “Welcome Baby Brother” sign. 😀

If it weren’t for the nights I’d be floating but as it is, I’ll settle for days of bliss. Mmmmm… baby. I had so forgotten the joy.