Above birth weight

We had another pedi visit today and Andy now weighs 9 lbs 10 oz. Yay!!! No more visits until he’s 2 months old. Next appt- Oct. 25th. My birthday- but this is a good thing since DH will come home early from work and we can do something fun.
Except for being tired and achy I am doing well. I breastfed while walking through the hospital today. I didn’t look at anybody I passed and no one said anything to me. I did feel quite foolish that even though no skin was showing, I *was* proudly displaying my maternity jeans’ belly panel. LOL… how embarrassing. Time to check and see how my regular pants fit!
AND… the best news of all…
I got on my scale this morning after DH commented that he had never seen my feet skinnier looking and I have lost 43.5 pounds! I swear to God I ate fried fish, gobs of tartar sauce, macaroni and cheese, veggies in butter sauce, a buttered roll plus shared a piece of chocolate cake AND chocolate pie last night for dinner. I am not dieting in the least. I lose all this weight and what looks skinny? My stinkin’ feet. Haha.
Looks like we are going to visit the in-laws next Wednesday for 6 days. Our truck needs an overhaul and it costs MUCH less up there.
Gotta run- it’s cluster feed time. lol

4 thoughts on “Above birth weight

  1. I love hearing about all of this, but PICTURES!!! I want PICTURES of the boys!!!
    Not trying to be pushy or anything…

  2. Another visit to the in-laws? When?? I WANNA SEE THAT BABY!!! Call me and let me know, k? We’ll do IKEA, nothin’ stoppin’ us this time!! (((hugs)))

  3. Yay!! Andy’s above birthweight! And you’re below prepregnancy weight! Can’t beat that. I found that nursing burns calories like crazy!!! I lost all my weight and could fit in my regular clothes in less than a month after both my deliveries!
    And yes. MORE pictures of the boys!! PLEASE!

  4. Snuffles is a dolly! Glad Bren’s doing okay too! The insatiable nursing doesn’t last, so you will, one day, manage to get off the couch…promise! Congrats on the weight loss, that is so awesome! Just a note though…when the insatiable goes away, the insta-loss does too! Don’t be like me!!!

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