2 weeks old

My little Snuffles is 2 weeks old! How is that possible?? “Snuffles” is Andy’s most common nickname because he makes the cutest snuffling noises as he eagerly roots all around looking to nurse. He especially likes necks. I am also quite fond of “Mr Grunty” (he grunts all the time!) and “Andy muh man.” LOL.

My MIL is on the train ride home. She was wonderful… happy to settle a disgruntled baby, cook full blown meals, straighten the house AND do both the diashes and the laundry. Thank you Mimi!

Brendan continues to do well with the baby. No jealousy except he doesn’t want to share certain things- like his blanket. Understandable. He has taken his cue from us on how to handle the crying and instead of upsetting him, he pats him and tells him “It’s okay”. He loves to sit beside us on the couch as Andy eats. Since I have spent so much time feeding Andy (he is honestly insatiable), Brendan has had copious Mario Kart time as well. He can run the courses in true racing fashion now instead of just clowning around. He loves to call out what number he placed- and yes, “1” is often his number. It is quite amazing how good he has gotten.

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  1. What a yummy picture of Andy! That’s one handsome boy, Jen. 🙂 Isn’t it great to have help? Those moms and MILs are invaluable!

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