OB follow-up

My incision healed up about 5 days ago- no more hole!!! 😀 It’s an ugly looking thing though. I had my follow-up OB visit today. Just in time for getting a girly infection. Ugh. She thinks my incision is looking fine though. I got a nifty one dose applicator of cream antibiotic for the infection. Yeeouch- good thing I have insurance for a few more days or it would have cost me $100!!
Another thing, I seem to have hurt my neck. I can bend forward and mostly to the sides just fine, but I can’t tilt my head back or back up without my neck hurting. It kinda hinders my dozing while nursing. Haha.
Andy is having some goods days here and there now. It’s surprising to us when he is awake and just hanging out not needing anything lol. Still rare though. I put him on his tummy a few days back and he got mad and promptly rolled over onto his back. I remember Bren did that once really early on as well.
I’m going to have to buy a Pump In Style. I can hardly pump 1/2 an ounce with my Avent and Medela manual pumps. It’s so odd but apparently I just can’t get a letdown with either. I have a 25% off coupon for any Medela pump and accessories at Baby Depot. I sure hope it isn’t a misprint. $80 off is a pretty good deal.

One thought on “OB follow-up

  1. Yay for the weight loss!! That was FAST! And I’m so glad to hear the incision has healed at last!!! I found that it was best to pump first thing in the morning (when you’re more rested – I know – are you ever more rested when you have a newborn??)….maybe after your first morning feeding….you’re not getting much sleep now…and baby Andy is drinking up lots….so not unusual to not get much when pumping at this point…even w/an electric pump. So glad to see you posting updates again.

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