6 weeks

Andy turned 6 weeks old yesterday. 😀 That was my “magical sanity number” with Bren where he started sleeping a 6 hour stretch at night.
The last 8 feeding times:
12 am
12:00 pm
Sigh… 5:30 and I hear him snuffling around.
It’s not the 6 week growth spurt either- this is his normal way, though the hard side of his range. At least he went back to sleep pretty easily for most of those. I spend anywhere from 10 minutes to 45 nursing and changing him each time he wakes up- then I pray he stays asleeep. He does an appropriate amount of swallowing, pooing and peeing so I feel confident he is getting enough. He often spends 10 minutes+ trying to poo and pass gas.
I’m also really sick. My body decided to clean itself however it could (eww) and I have a 101 fever and switch between shivering and sweating. Andy seems fine and so do the others. I’m eating mini meals and trying to keep down enough liquids. DH has been a sweetie through it all. If Andy feels half of what I went through for 3 hours last night… poor kiddo. 🙁
Surely things will improve soon. I do not know how I am functioning this way but I seem to be doing it. He’ll sleep longer inhis carseat in the car and when latched on… neither scenerios help me much for my own needing sleep but they are good for unfogging the brain for awhile.
I broke down and bought a Medlea Pump in Style Advanced. I had an $80 off coupon and could not believe it was for real, lol. My Avent Isis and my Medela handpump yielded a mere 1/2 oz in 20 minutes. Look for a post on my theories of breasts soon… lol. When I have time to write it. Yes, yes, and a birth story. Sigh.
Anyway, the PISA gets me 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 oz typically, depending on time of day. I’ll have to build it up because I am having issues with BFing in public (weak arms, poor latch, etc.) and being comfortable enough in the car. I’ve gotten over a lot of my fears of public BFing though. When he cries, it has got to be done and phooey on anyone who gets in my way. I’d much rather pump and feed him a bottle in the car though… I just don’t produce enough yet by pump. It takes 3 pumpings to get enough so far. He eats 4-5 oz by bottle now. And he still wants me 2 hours later. Haha.
Yeesh, really gotta go.

2 thoughts on “6 weeks

  1. Oh Jen, I feel so bad for you. I’ve been there! 🙁
    I just read this and another entry to dh and he chuckled a moment and said, “oh my gosh, its another Dar”. Honestly, that post is exactly what I could have written 3.5 years ago…. Down to sleeping in the car seat and bouncy chair, the waking all night, everything!
    He’s probably nursing every 2 hours because, well, some babies do that, not because of any lack of milk, I bet. I think babies with reflux and gas do that because it helps their tummies feel better. With pumping, well…. When you’re stressed out, its hard to let down. 🙁 I remember the constant stress ajust the fear that he would wake up…
    It will get better, I promise! I can’t tell you when… I do remember 2 months being ,uch better with ds because he finally stopped being so nocturnal, and even managed 6 hours of sleep a few nights. At 2 months he also could amuse himself for 10-20 mins with an activity gym. At 6 months when he could finally sit up he was tons happier. Every milestone he hit was an incredible improment in his attitude. Once he could use an exersaucer, he’d spend 30-50 mins there, which was wonderful!
    I wish I could come over and help you out. 🙁

  2. Well Andy sounds like Cameron he would nurse forever…honestly that kid would not get off…took 30 mintues to nurse him…I think it is a boy thing cause the girls didn’t do that…they were done in 15 mintues
    if he is heavily wetting diapers and your pumping after he has sucked off and not geting much Iwould say he is taking a lot from you and your just not going to get much pumped. alcia was gaining like crazy…and quite chubby and I could enver pump after feeding her. kendra was another story and lord knows she drank and is still drinking quite well from me. So hang in there…usually they stop wanting every 2 hours at 8 weeks…at least mine did..your doing great and try to sleep when Bren and andy take a nap if at all possible…hugs

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