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Boop his nose and tickle his chin,
Look at Andy giving you a grin!
Andy was full of smiles for me this morning. 😀 😀 😀 Love it! I’ll post a pic when I capture a smile!!!
Andy has good mornings and bad evenings now. He gives me at least 20 minutes in the morning where he’ll swing or just hang out but often cries for quite some time in the evening and refuses to stay asleep when put down until about 1:00 am. Tiring and frustrating but he seems to go back to sleep after every awakening and feeding after that til 10:00 am. At precisely 10:00 he wakes up. It’s kind of amazing how he’s so precise that way. Nights where he wakes up every 2 hours are very difficult. Nights like last night where he went 3 hours twice were much better. Makes me almost feel human… almost.
DH has been really great. Sometimes all I need is company while I nurse (as I am always nursing) and he is wonderful being there for me while caring for Brendan and often cooking a meal at the same time. He has really gotten good at soothing Andy too lately, often by bouncing him in his arms on the exercise ball. I can’t really do this because Andy takes one look at me and sees dinner. Haha. DH has taken off half days at work for the next 2 weeks since I was finding that the thought of caring for both kids on my own for 10 hours straight daunting. Thanks, babe.
Brendan has mastered a part of his Pooh game where you fill in the colors on a picture to match the provided mini version of the same picture. Or maybe he just now got the patience to actually copy it, lol.

One day when Andy was about 2 or 3 weeks old he was snuffling around as I was holding him on my shoulder. He kept falling over sideways and I commented to DH that he was going to find his own dinner. DH replied. “So let him!” We watched in awe as he did just that! It took him a few minutes but he scooched right down and latched right on. It was truly amazing!