Meeting Grandma

My boys got to meet my mother last night. She flew in from North Carolina to spend Thanksgiving with us. She loved on Andy while giving Brendan time to adjust to a roomful of mostly strangers. Then she gave him a couple of new trains to add to his Thomas collection and he played trains with her. It was all good. After Brendan’s shy period he did great- he even went outside with my Uncle Chuck for awhile. My mom is staying with my grandma (MaeMae) today and then is coming to our house tomorrow to spend some time here.

In other news, I had to wake Andy up at 7:15 to eat since I was about to explode!!! I call that sleeping through the night!! I wonder if I will adjust and get an even longer time at night or if I will continue to wake him up because I am too full to sleep. We’ll see. Hooray for better sleep!!!! That was my first 6 or more hour stretch of sleep in over 11 weeks!