Making progress!

Brendan: almost 3 years & 8 months
Shhh! But I think Bren may just be [at home] potty trained. Including pooping AND night. Just all of a sudden decided to do it, do it ALL, and do it right. It’s been 4 days… and no accidents. **KNOCK ON WOOD*** So… how DO you teach them how to wipe and do it well??? lol
Andrew: 12 weeks today
He started holding a rattle two days ago. He can hold it for a long time and likes to move it all around. He also purses his lips in a little circle and makes an “ooooh” sound (not like the word oh but like wind whistling). He is *still* nursing every 2-3 hours around the clock- I’m getting up 3x a night to feed him. I thought maybe a bit of Metformin would help maintain my milk supply so I started back on 500 mg yesterday. It is common for those with PCOS to have low supplies.
Both Bren and Andrew have really taken to their Grandma. She is so good with both of them and I so dig the adult company. She went to stay with my grandparents for a few days and Bren has been asking for her since she left. She plans on alternating places until closer to Thanksgiving, then she’ll stay here until they leave. My stepdad arrives the Sunday before Thanksgiving. Looks like I may be hosting Thanksgiving dessert and old home movies since I have the best living room space for 40ish people. First thing I think of… Oh God, I have to really clean this house!!! Haha. Good thing Grandma is here to help or at least entertain the kiddos.