3 months old

Andy is 3 months old today!

Took Andy to the dr Friday because his reflux has been worse lately. He upped his meds- he now takes .8 mL Reglan and 1 mL Zantac. He acknowledged that the Reglan may be the reason he wakes up so often at night and said I could give it to him 3x a day instead, skipping the right before bed dose, and see if that worked. Fingers crossed here, though I’m not quite the zombie I used to be.
He weighed just an ounce under 15 pounds!! That sounds like a lot and even the dr wondered out loud if he was eating too much and causing the vomiting but it turned out to be right along his weight curve. My mother has been pestering me to start him on rice cereal for the thickening properties and I couldn’t believe my “not til they’re 6 months” pediatrician agreed. He says that usually it is put in bottles but since I BF, he wasn’t suggesting it until Andy could eat from a spoon and old enough to give it a go. Three cheers for a pedi that didn’t suggest I formula feed instead!
Had a rare outing Thursday evening without DH. We went with my mother, aunt, uncle and grandparents to a drive thru lights display. I had to deal with BFing in funky places with impatient people and it went better than I thought. I really get nervous in situations like that but it went fine.