How could I have forgotten?

Last night I put some DVDs away on the bookshelf and saw the Baby Einstein DVDs. Brendan loved those, even when he was a baby! I put the 2 we own that are appropriate for the youngest babies on our table as a reminder.
This morning Andy would not be happy, even in my arms. My eyes ran over the waiting DVDs on a trip through the kitchen– BINGO!
Andy is in the front room strapped down and glued to the tube. I can see his feet wiggling.
Sanity returns. If he stays there 10 minutes more he may just make up for getting up early!
Sentence of the week for Brendan- “Are you happy?” Whether you are happy or sad is important to him now. 🙂
Word of the day- “sizzle”. LOL. We’ve come a long way, baby!
Lizzy- It’s called an animated gif. It IS a series of photos linked together. I used a program called Animation Shop. If you want one, email me a few photos and I’ll link ’em together for you. You can use it as your signature if our board ever returns from the dead.

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